If you are considering adoption in Utah you should learn all you can before picking between a personal attorney or one of many adoption agencies in Utah.

Four Adoption Agencies in Utah

Adoption agencies that have a quality reputation can sometimes be difficult to come by. It may be tough to sift through all the reviews and personal stories to find one that fits your family. A valuable agency will not only help you through the legal aspect of adoption, but they will also walk by you as you navigate this new path of parenting kids from hard places. In order to help out prospective adoptive families, we have searched high and low for five of the best adoption agencies in Utah.

  1. A Act of Love

You can’t deny their glowing reviews. Located in Sandy, Utah, A Act of Love provides domestic adoption assistance for both the adoptive parent and the birth mother. They offer services from home study through placement and currently have a handful of domestic adoptions waiting to be matched with families. Their staff is made up of people who have walked a variety of paths within the adoption world, which gives them a keen sense of knowing what you may need as you embark on your own journey. They strive to provide a warm and loving environment that provides parents, either expecting or adoptive parents, with the support they need.

  1. A Guardian Angel Adoption Agency

Another agency working out of Sandy, Utah, they work with both expecting and prospective adoptive parents facilitating domestic infant matches while offering support and education throughout the process. The agency began with three adoptive mothers wanting to change the adoption scene for the better. Together they are striving to bring more compassion to those walking their own journey. You get individualized care with a team that emphasizes keeping the ethics within the adoption process pure. Their website gives a detailed explanation of the adoption process in Utah, giving both the birth mother and the adoptive parents a clear understanding of what this agency offers.

  1. Utah Adoption Specialists

Though this agency does not offer services throughout the entire adoption process, they do have excellent reviews for their work with domestic and international home studies, post-placement support, and a variety of educational and counseling opportunities for both birth parents and adoptive parents. UAS also provides a detailed list of waiting families for expecting parents to sort through. Although unable to help you with finding a match, they are apt to taking care of families before and after an adoption is finalized. They have been servicing the Utah area for over 75 years, specifically the Provo, Utah area.

  1. Forever Bound Adoption

FBA is a great agency that offers a plethora of avenues for adoption. They offer domestic adoption, international adoption, embryo adoption, and adoption through foster care. Their domestic program serves both birth parents and adoptive parents from match to finalization. They also offer a free financial coach to help you navigate the financial aspect of adoption. FBA’s international program works with China, Taiwan, and Colombia facilitating adoptions from the beginning through post-adoption support counseling for your child. Their embryo program works closely with Nightlight Christian’s Embryo Program and will help you navigate the snowflake journey through all areas of the process (match, legal, medical, etc.). FBA also offers assistance with adoption through foster care and can provide prospective families with a variety of information about the foster care system. This agency offers their services with compassion and professionalism.

From an outsider looking in, Utah seems to be a compassionate state that has a variety of quality adoption services for both prospective adoptive parents and expecting parents. Whichever avenue you decide to pursue to grow your family, Utah has a great agency to help you walk your own parenting path.


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